Before February we did the following:

On Feb. 3rd, I met my personal goal of finishing my custom features for Milton. RISCY BUSINESS was submitted to Handmade Network for review, and the mods have accepted it! As of today, RISCY BUSINESS is officially a Handmade Network project!

We are currently on a one week hiatus, but all content moving forward is planned to be RISC-V related.

For those of you who haven't been following along, let me recap the RISC-V related news that has happened during the period of show preparation:

SiFive came out with the first ever RISC-V hardware, which is the equivalent of an Arduino, but with a RISC-V processor. The board is called the HiFive1, and you can order it here. We will be starting RISCY BUSINESS off with a lot of HiFive1 content (because who doesn't want to play with real hardware)!

RISCY BUSINESS has 41 episodes that are primarily preparation for actual content. If you are only interested in RISC-V content, I recommend you start by watching the following episodes (pro tip: 2x youtube speed is your friend):

Stay RISCY, everyone!