For the month of March, we did the following:

  • Derived a ripple carry adder circuit from truth tables [RISCY 12]
  • Studied two's complement [RISCY 12, RISCY 13]
  • Continued learning about CSRs and immediate encodings [RISCY 13]
  • Studied the Machine Interrupt Registers [RISCY 14]
  • Studied reset_demo [RISCY 15]
  • Figured out how the PLIC, mie, and mstatus MIE bit relate [RISCY 16]
  • Studied the CLINT [RISCY 17]
  • Interviewed Andrew Waterman & Yunsup Lee (!) [RISCY 18]
  • Investigated how interrupt handlers get called [RISCY 19]
  • Began studying GPIO [RISCY 20]
  • Learned about the Config String and printed it with our HiFive1 [RISCY 20, RISCY 21, RISCY 22]
  • Searched some raw mem of the HiFive1 for Unix timestamps while trying to find the board id [RISCY 23]

Talk about another huge month for the series! We learned a lot about RISC-V and the HiFive1, and even got to talk with the RISC-V inventors themselves! In the coming months we will continue to develop a deep understanding about RISC-V and play more with the HiFive1 along the way. :)

As always, thank you for your support, and stay RISCY!