For the month of June, we did the following:

  • Read sections 1.7-1.8 of COAD [COAD 5]
  • Learned how to measure the CPU frequency using the RTC & cycle counter [RISCY 35, RISCY 36, RISCY 38]
  • Consulted the C standard & Linux book regarding the `static` keyword [RISCY 35]
  • Introduced the BareD project [RISCY 36]
  • Studied initialisation of the UART [RISCY 35, RISCY 38]
  • Studied the use of a correction term with integer division [RISCY 37]

Additional episodes done in June were pushed into July for public release, as the show now does patreon early access. More information about this will be available in an upcoming announcement.

Stay RISCY everyone!