For the month of July, we did the following:

Talk about a big month for RISCY BUSINESS! I left my previous job at Aker to pursue streaming full-time.

Outside of RISCY BUSINESS, I competed in my first couple tournaments for Shadowverse and am excited to continue pursuing the competitive scene.

With the first release of nwr_mem.h out of the way, I've been taking a break from working on it to start my second software offering to $5 backers: a programmer's calculator! It is still early in development but here is a mock-up I made in GIMP

...and here is a screenshot of what I've made so far...

IRC logs discussing the design:
20:44 <miotatsu> I've started working on my calculator program also but I haven't streamed any of the dev yet, so far just doing xcb stuff
20:47 <miotatsu> it will just do hex, binary, decimal, maybe octal if I need it, vi controls, all the kinds of operations you have in C, etc
20:48 <miotatsu> result automatically shows up in result, outer 0s in the box = hex, inner = binary
20:48 <miotatsu> the number on the right outside of the box will be in decimal
20:49 <miotatsu> selection is whatever number the cursor is over, or if you go into visual mode the result of the highlighted sub expression
20:49 <miotatsu> and you can yank from selection or result into the clipboard in hex, binary, decimal, maybe octal
20:50 <miotatsu> should be pretty useful I think
20:51 <@Miblo> Yeah. You do do a fair bit of calculations / conversions in RISCY
20:53 <miotatsu> yep, that's my main motivation for it, risky_five gave me the idea for it, we were discussing intuitions about some binary stuff after one of the streams I think and he mentioned how it can be useful to see the hex and binary while you are doing calculations
20:53 <miotatsu> and I remembered how the calculator in Windows in the programming mode does something sort of like that
20:53 <miotatsu> figured I might as well make a good one for Linux
20:54 <miotatsu> doing it handmade style in C, using musl for the C runtime and static linking everything, will probably cut out the C runtime completely later
20:54 <ratchet_freak> that thing is nice
20:54 <ratchet_freak> you can also add a bin representation for floats and doubles
20:54 <ratchet_freak> and the hex notations for them
20:55 <miotatsu> yeah I intend for my calculator to support floating point, not just integers, it'll be like C/D/etc where you can specify the type as a suffix on the literal
20:58 <miotatsu> the idea is I should be able to do something like this
20:58 <miotatsu> M-c dd i 0x0FF0*100/2.0^^16 M-c
20:58 <miotatsu> where M-c would toggle the window in my wm
20:59 <miotatsu> and that would show me the 6.22 duty cycle in the decimal result
20:59 <miotatsu> ^^ being pow like in D
21:09 <@Miblo> Could be handy if it transparently delineates, e.g. thousands in decimal, nibbles in binary, so you could use vim's word-based movements / edits on them
21:16 <miotatsu> as in auto-formatting the input field?
21:17 <@Miblo> Yeah
21:17 <@Miblo> But not necessarily visually, just under the hood