For the month of August, we did the following:

Bit of a slower month this time but now that COAD Chapter 1 exercises are out of the way I'm excited to get back to doing RISCY BUSINESS episodes :) On a technical side, I've set up a script called jack-matchmaker to automatically handle my audio connections in jack which helps out a lot and should prevent those occasional times when I forget to make a connection in jack. I've also added twitch alerts to my stream - if viewers follow, donate, or host, a gif with text overlay shouting them out will be displayed and a sound effect will play! Donations are a new way to financially contribute to the series, currently only via paypal. The link is on my twitch page, I'm still working on making some less terrible art and writing a good bio for it. One other thing about the donation system is that the donation page has wishlist items - I'll be able to list items I want to buy for the series and viewers can donate the price of the item, this doesn't actually buy the item but the intention is that I would use the money to buy the item donated for, of course. Currently I only have a treadmill on the list which would be ridiculous for someone to actually donate for but I intend to add more reasonable items soon such as longer cables so that I can use my desk as a standing desk (it is adjustable with power lifting, I just don't have long enough cables for my system right now so I only use it sitting)

Regarding pcalc, it currently has an xcb backend with double buffering and the text input field has vi modes (lacking features), and handles scrolling within the text box display. The xcb backend is being replaced with a backend that does raw x11 unix socket communication (I will leave the xcb backend in the source and maybe work on it some still but it won't be used). Haven't worked on it recently but I'll be working on it more soon.