For the month of November we did the following:

  • Studied GAS .weak, .section, and .align [RISCY 52]
  • Implemented va_args, environ, _start, and a build script [pcalc 1, pcalc 2]

For the month of December we did the following:

November saw the beginning of my streaming the development of pcalc. In December we got back to a more respectable amount of work being done, and made headway in RISCY BUSINESS as well as the Book Club. The Book Club saw the introduction of a new book in the line up: The RISC-V Reader! We also made good progress on pcalc. Not only this, but now we have the annotated episode guide thanks to Miblo for his amazing work on Cinera. On the negative side of things, patreon had a fiasco which has left me in need of an alternative platform for supporters who no longer want to use patreon. I'll be providing an alternative to patreon in the coming months. However, I will be keeping patreon as well. Phew! Talk about a lot of exciting stuff going on since the last monthly overview. I'm hoping that trend continues!