January & February Overview

For the month of January we did the following:

  • Read COAD 2.3 [COAD 15]
  • Read RISC-V Reader 2.1-2.3 [Reader 3]
  • Discussed the Spectre Paper [Spectre Rant]
  • Stepped through `xcb_connect` [pcalc 8]
  • Learned about MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1 Authentication & Scatter-Gather I/O [pcalc 9]

For the month of February we did the following:

  • Got our PWM interrupts to fire [RISCY 57]
  • Found & parsed .Xauthority [pcalc 10, pcalc 11]
  • Successfully connected to X11 & picked a Root, Depth, and Visual Type [pcalc 12]

January & February were a bit slower than I'd like again, but I don't think any major changes to my schedule are needed. Throughout the last few months I had an appointment with a podiatrist to see about getting a special shoe insert to help with blistering, an appointment at a clinic that makes prosthetics to have the insert made, another appointment to get the insert, a regular appointment with my doctor to get my antidepressants refilled, a trip to the ER due to severe chest pain, a visit to the local doctor's office for a free cholesterol screening. On the way out of the clinic after having my blood drawn for the cholesterol screening I also fainted and smacked my head hard on the glass door and got a small cut my hand on the way down. Needless to say, these last few months have been eventful for me with regards to health care, which has taken a toll on my streaming. The good news is that I'm in good health, my heart is healthy, all my vital signs, cholesterol, etc. look good, and I didn't sustain any major injuries from my fall!

With regards to what I did manage to stream, in January we continued to push forward with both of the books we are reading on the Book Club, and continued to make progress on pcalc. I'm excited to say RISCY BUSINESS now has an alternative to patreon as well: If you don't want to use patreon but would still like to support what I do, check out gumroad.riscy.tv! Gumroad allows you to receive Early Access to my videos for $1+/month and all software developed during the programming blocks such as nwr_mem.h or the up-and-coming pcalc for $5+/month, just like on patreon. Unlike patreon, these updates work via email, and I won't provide transparency reports through it, so if you want to see transparency reports, you'll still need to grab the pdf's off of the publicly available patreon posts which I also link to on twitter every month.

In February we made exciting progress with our PWM speed test program on the main RISCY BUSINESS show - interrupts from the PWM now fire! We also made exciting progress on pcalc getting it to make a successful connection to X11 for the first time! Not only that, but SiFive made the exciting announcement of The world’s first RISC-V-based, Linux-capable development board! I'm expecting my board to arrive in April and I can't wait to do all sorts of exciting projects with it on the show!

Matt Mascarenhas,
Damn, Mio, I'm sorry you had all that to deal with, but glad you've emerged in good health!
Neo Ar,
Thanks Miblo!