For the month of July, we did the following:

For the month of August, we did the following:

  • Finished section 2.4 of COAD [COAD 18]

For the month of September, we did the following:

It's been a while since the last blog update, sorry about that! Around the
beginning of September I posted an update about some happenings in my life on
youtube which you can watch here:

Since then, my mom has been healing well. She didn't need surgery and has a
less restrictive back brace. She has physical therapy twice a week which has
been going well! Additionally, I've sold off nearly all of my Japanese promotional
Shadowverse cards which covered the cost of my upcoming trip to the Philippines
to spend time in person with my gf. My personal savings & the money from my
supporters is all being devoted to RISCY BUSINESS, so I'm very pleased that my
collection was able to cover an important personal life expense. The trip will
be over the month of December. I'll stream some work while I'm there, but it will
be minimal and not following the usual schedule, so heads up about that.

Regarding the show, a lot of interesting things have happened over the past three
months! Seeing our RISC-V Linux Hello World running on an actual RISC-V processor
was a great milestone and with the HiFive Unleashed Expansion Board in hand, plans
have begun for building a RISC-V PC! My dad also helped out with getting a wall
outlet installed and Ethernet cables strung up to my office, so I am no longer
streaming off of a WiFi connection and will be able to connect the HiFive Unleashed
to the internet!

I also received the Ultimate Hacking Keyboard which I pre-ordered a few years back.
I'm back up to a reasonable typing speed (at least for English text) and am getting
into the habit of using the proper fingers more :)

The book club and pcalc have been moving along smoothly as well.

Off stream, I've been studying the material covered on Bitwise intensely and I have some
notes that I intend to share in the coming months and I'd like to cover some of the material
I've learned on my own show as well, so stay tuned for that!

Stay RISCY, everyone!