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#12807 COAD 1.13 Exercises
2 weeks ago

Here is a thread to peer review my answers to COAD 1.13 Exercises. I'll post the video here when it goes public.
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#12867 COAD 1.13 Exercises
1 week ago

So, I got advanced access to the video for annotation purposes, and while writing those annotations wondered whether f and g are supposed to be the following:

f - Increasing the gate area on a CMOS transistor to decrease its switching time
Performance via Parallelism (or possibily actually via Pipelining)

g - Adding electromagnetic aircraft catapults, allowed by the increased power generation offered by the new reactor technology
Moore's Law

It's possible I'm just not understanding correctly either Moore's Law or what the question is driving at, but I read the electromagnetic catapults idea as a way to overcome the limits of steam catapults, in the same way that things like multicore processors had to be developed to overcome the limits of our ability to stuff transistors on a single core.

Then, by process of elimination, that left f as "Performance via Parallelism". However, I definitely don't understand how the gate area on a CMOS transistor affects its switching time, so this may not make any sense at all.