March Expenses

Annotations (February invoice): $147.04

March Expenses Total: $147.04

Total Expenses: $3132.43

March Income: $9.97

Net Debt: $3091.44
Monthly Overview

For the month of March, we did the following:

Derived a ripple carry adder circuit from truth tables

Studied two's complement

Continued learning about CSRs and immediate encodings

Studied the Machine Interrupt Registers

Studied the CLINT

Figured out how the PLIC, mie, and mstatus MIE bit relate

Interviewed Andrew Waterman & Yunsup Lee (!)

Investigated how interrupt handlers get called

Began studying GPIO

Learned about the Config String and printed it with our HiFive1 ...
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There were no RISCY BUSINESS expenses for the month of February.

Note: Annotation expenses each month will be for the previous month of annotations, so the expenses for February annotations will appear in the March transparency report.

Total Expenses: $2985.39

February Income: $9.97

Net Debt: $2954.37
Monthly Overview

For the month of February, we did the following:

Finished our Milton customizations

Explored the Freedom E SDK

Dove deep into the PLIC

Studied some of the CSRs

Leveled up our bit-twiddling intuition

Learned to read some GNU inline assembler

Studied the instruction encoding

February was a huge month ...
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RISCY BUSINESS is Now Official

岩倉 澪  — 2 months, 2 weeks ago
On Feb. 3rd, I met my personal goal of finishing my custom features for Milton. RISCY BUSINESS was submitted to Handmade Network for review, and the mods have accepted it! As of today, RISCY BUSINESS is officially a Handmade Network project!

We are currently on a one week hiatus, but all content moving forward is planned to be RISC-V related.

For those of you who haven't been following along, let me recap the RISC-V related news that has happened during the period of show preparation:

SiFive came out with the first ever RISC-V hardware, which is the equivalent of ...
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