[size=4]What is it?[/size]


A livestream on twitch, archived on youtube, in which I develop a handmade toolchain for RISC-V.[/size]



Uncorrectable freedom and security issues on x86 platforms[/size]


[size=2]On Hiatus.[/size]


  • Where can I watch RISCY BUSINESS?
    Livestream: twitch
    Archive: riscy.tv
  • How can I support the series?
    The series is entirely funded by money out of my own pocket, and donations from generous viewers. patreon.com/hmn_riscy.
  • Is there a place I can go to see the stream schedule?
    You can follow @hmn_riscy to stay in the know.
  • Where can I buy RISC-V hardware?
    RISC-V hardware is now available!
  • Define "toolchain"
    The broad vision is to have a complete development environment available on RISC-V better than what we have today on x86, x86_64, and ARM. My goal is to encourage the handmade community to support and develop on a RISC-V platform. To accomplish this, we will first explore the existing ecosystem to see what tooling already exists that we can use. Secondly, we will create a linux distro to cater specifically to the needs of the handmade community on risc-v. After this, we will replace any components that we don't want to use, or are unable to use on the platform. We will then develop a small systems programming language, and build tooling around it such as a compiler, debugger, profiler, etc. We may also build tools for C programming if we find what currently exists to be lacking. Only time will tell exactly what projects we end up tackling on the series!